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JJGeorge’s Nukshuk Coolers are built out of hand-selected eastern red cedar lumber harvested locally in Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee. These indoor/outdoor coolers are built to last and are as beautiful as they are strong. 

The solid red cedar box is an incredible insulator and makes ice last much longer than it would if it were in a cooler alone. We build the Nukshuk around a 48 quart cooler which gives you plenty of room for entertaining guests. A functioning spigot allows water to drain out of cooler with ease.  The coolers are finished with clear spar-urethane for protection from the elements, and a classic Starr “X” stationary bottle opener comes free with all cooler purchases.

Not only is the Nukshuk Cooler a great piece of functioning furniture to own, but it also makes a great gift. Does the guy or girl who has everything own a Nukshuk?...  Probably not. These coolers make excellent gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings and anniversary’s (especially the 5th wedding anniversary where it is traditional to give a gift made of wood!).

The name Nukshuk comes from the Inuit Eskimo term Inukshuk, which is a stone figure built to resemble a human on hill tops in the Arctic region of North America. There are very few trees and landmarks in this area so the Inuit people use the Inukshuks for navigation when traveling, hunting, or herding caribou. JJGeorge’s original Nukshuk can be used to help navigate you to the nearest cold beverage!