About Us

Beauty and strength do not always go hand in hand, but they do here at JJGeorge! 
Our master woodworkers hand select eastern red cedar logs, mill them, and transform the lumber into beautiful sturdy pieces of art. With over 100 years of combined experience in carpentry, we are able to do something that is rarely seen this day in time: handmake, super high quality products that look exceptional, function perfectly, and last far longer than merchandise that is mass produced. All of our red cedar furniture is built here in the USA! 

JJGeorge was not originally intended to be a business.  After building a personal Big Green Egg table and several more for family and friends, we ended up with an extra table. We took the table to a local grill dealer to see if they had any interest in helping us sell it. They sold it quickly and were asking for more. This grew to over 20 retail stores distributing our tables to go along with our online sales. Thus, JJGeorge was born. 

In 2015 we launched the Nukshuk Cooler. With the Nukshuk, we took the same approach in building an aesthetically pleasing product that is incredibly durable. The thick red cedar walls of the cooler act as a wonderful insulator, which makes this cooler great for entertaining or keeping your drinks cold for long periods of time.


In Spring of 2016 we started selling our folding Adirondack chairs online!  These beautiful oversized chairs are build to last.  Our Adirondacks are perfect for marine environments because they weather so well and are heavy enough not to blow away with heavy winds.  Also, they can be folded easily for transportation and storage when not in use.  


Dont forget to add a JJGeorge grill table cover or Starr “X” stationary bottle opener to your order!  These will help protect and accessorize your JJGeorge Grill Table or Nukshuk Cooler.