About Us

Welcome to JJGeorge, where we're dedicated to making outdoor living better. Our passion is evident in everything we do, from crafting high-quality products to providing exceptional customer service.


 Garage Shipment from 2014

Our journey began in 2009 in a garage in Decatur, Alabama where we built our first Big Green Egg Table as a personal need. Friends and family clamored for their own, and we found ourselves building more and more tables.  At one point we built an extra table for a local grill dealer to sell, and the response was nothing short of amazing. They not only loved it but also sold it with enthusiasm. This sparked a partnership with over 500 retail stores and the growth of our online presence, giving birth to JJGeorge.


JJGeorge Tables are Handmade in the USA!

Our amazing team of skilled woodworkers share a deep appreciation for their craft. They meticulously select eastern red cedar logs and transform them into pieces that effortlessly blend beauty and strength. With over a century of combined carpentry experience, we possess a unique ability to handcraft products that not only look exceptional but also deliver outstanding functionality and longevity, setting us apart in today's world. Every piece of our red cedar furniture is proudly made right here in the USA.

In 2015, we expanded our product line by introducing the Nukshuk Cooler, following the same principles of aesthetics and durability. The thick red cedar walls serve as outstanding insulation, keeping your drinks refreshingly cold for extended periods, making it perfect for gatherings.


The Original Grill Torch Charcoal Starter by JJGeorge

But there's more to our story. In 2016, we introduced our patented Grill Torch Charcoal Starter, that is the fastest, easiest, and cord free way to light charcoal on the market.  It also doubles as a great fire starter for fire pits and campfires.




BB Prime Salamander Broiler by JJGeorge

Then, in 2019, we unveiled the BB Prime Salamander Broiler, “The High-End Steakhouse in your backyard”.  This high quality salamander broiler reaches 1500°F and allows you to cook steaks and seafood at home just like they do in fancy restaurants.

At JJGeorge we are always working on new products to make outdoor living better!  Be sure to watch for our upcoming JJGeorge Instant Read Thermometers in 2023, and a few other revolutionary products are in development.  We really love innovating to enhance our own cooking experience, and sharing these products with our great customers.

At JJGeorge, our motto is simple but powerful: "We love to make outdoor living better." It's a passion that drives us to craft products of the highest quality and to stand unwaveringly behind them with outstanding customer service and our "100% love it or get your money back guarantee". We invite you to be a part of our journey, where each product is a testament to our dedication to elevating your outdoor living experience. Join us, and let JJGeorge be your trusted outdoor living companion.