Stainless Steel Chimney Cap for Big Green Egg

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  • Fits BGE sizes Medium, Large, XL & XXL
  • Fits securely. Will not fall off or break
  • Maintains vent settings when grill is opened and closed
  • Will not rust. Cook in rain or snow, all weather cap


The problem of grilling in the rain, sleet, or snow has finally been solved and the Smokeware stainless steel chimney cap is the answer to the problem.  This chimney cap made out of high grade (304) stainless steel that will not rust and it is the perfect replacement for the original daisy wheel. The tapered flare on top allows rain, sleet, and snow to bypass your vent and keeps you from having to rig up an umbrella, or cook under a covered patio.  Another benefit of the Smokeware cap, is that there is no need to readjust your setting after opening and closing the lid of your grill.  The vent has a unique slide with a silicone handle that allows you to adjust your vent setting and not worry about changing it until you are ready to do so.  This also gives you greater control of your grills temperature whether you are cooking at high temperature, or cold smoking.  The chimney cap comes in two pieces and installation is very easy.  The bottom piece slides tight over the chimney of your Big Green Egg and has a Nomex gasket that keeps it sealed.  The top piece of the cap slides snugly on top and you are off to grilling.  You can simply remove the Smokeware cap if you ever need to use the porcelain cap or daisy wheel that came with your Big Green Egg.  These caps fit perfectly under JJGeorge grill and table covers.  Hint: when not in use it helps to keep the vent slightly open to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.