How to Kill Weeds With a Weed Burner

Who knew killing weeds could be exciting? Here at JJGeorge we are quite hyped about our brand new product - The Weed Torch. 

If you've ever used our grill torch then you already know we like an efficient tool that gets the job done. We have taken the same design and created an easy-to-use weed and grass elimination tool. The best part is it uses no chemicals - only natural propane gas.

How Does It Work?

The torch kills by dehydration rather than using harmful chemicals. Simply attach a propane cylinder (found at most major retailers - and cheaper than chemical herbicides) and light the torch. Then sweep it over the base of the weed for 10-15 seconds to kill the root. The grass withers over a 24-48 hour period.

Why We Love It

The torch is lightweight and long enough to prevent constant bending and pumping like you'd have to do with a chemical sprayer. And speaking of chemical sprayers - you may have heard that liquid herbicides can be dangerous. Using the torch is a safe, chemical free way to get the job done. This weed torch is effective in driveways, sidewalks, down the rows of gardens, burning grassy areas to start new garden beds, and also for lighting fir pits or grill fires. 

Available Now

Can't wait to get those weeds burning? Pre-order your Weed Torch now. Only $42.99.