Try Mexican Sea Turtle Egg's This Easter!

It's officially EGG season - and we don't just mean the grilling kind, but all the edible ones too. If you've had your fill of traditional eggs, we invite you to try this unique recipe for Easter or any day of the week!

Mexican Sea Turtle Eggs


1 lb chorizo sausage

1 lb breakfast sausage

3 fresh jalapeno peppers

1 pack of cream cheese (8 oz)

1 cup of shredded cheese (sharp cheddar works well)

3 tsp of Espresso Infused BBQ seasoning (We used Ancho Espresso from Lane's BBQ... Your favorite seasoning will do, but the mixture of Espresso and Chorizo is dynamite!)


Light charcoal and set up grill for indirect cooking at 250 degrees. Add cherry chunks or your favorite smoking wood.

Seed and finely chop jalepeno peppers. In a medium bowl, mix chopped jalepenos, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and 1 tsp of Espresso seasoning. Remove chorizo from casing and mix by hand with breakfast sausage. Now you're ready to assemble the eggs. 

Divide your sausage into pieces slightly larger than meatballs and flatten. Place a tsp size dollop of the cheese mixture on the center of each flattened sausage piece. Wrap sausage around cheese until your turtle egg looks like a large Mexican meatball. Sprinkle remaining Espresso seasoning on top of newly formed Mexican Sea Turtle Eggs.

Place Mexican Sea Turtle Eggs on grill grate and smoke indirectly for an hour and a half.