Posted by JJ on 31st Jul 2020

What can I use a Yellow Jacket Culinary Torch for?

8 Practical Food Hacks using the JJGeorge Yellow Jacket Torch

Do you want to get in on some kitchen torch action like the pro chefs on TV?

Now is your chance!  Today we are going to give you a few hacks to show you how a simple culinary torch can make ordinary dishes amazing with very little time and effort.  

Bringing the Heat for the Big Boys and Girls:

Caramelize anything with Sugar on Top - Honey Baked Ham, Sweet Potato Casserole, Crème Brûlée, Oatmeal, French Toast, Grapefruit, you get the picture...

Melt that Cheese - Cold cheese on a hot burger?  No way!  Melting that cheese on top is a game changer!  Also, torch your chili or hot soups with cheese on top to make them extra special.  

Blistering Tomatoes and Peeling Peppers - So easy, don't worry about firing up a skillet or boiling the tomatoes first. Just turn the Yellow Jacket Torch up and let them have it! After a few seconds the skin will start shriveling up and peeling back. 

Toasted Croutons or Breadcrumbs - Butter up some breadcrumbs and mix with a little parmesan cheese and let them have it with the Yellow Jacket to make quick and easy croutons for a salad or a breadcrumb topping for your favorite dish.

Fun Torch Hacks for the Kids: (Keep your torch out of kids reach and do not let them use it!)

Yellow Jacket S'mores - Craving s'mores and not craving building a campfire?  We've got you covered!  You might have to sacrifice a marshmallow or two to get it just right, but that's the only downside.  I go ahead and assemble my s'more graham cracker first, then chocolate, with the marshmallow on top. Next, turn the torch heat down and keep at a distance where the marshmallow is slightly bubbling, but not catching on fire.  If it does, no worries, just blow it out like a birthday cake candle and keep going.  Once she is nice and gooey, smash everything together with another graham cracker on top and enjoy!

Torch that Mac'n Cheese -  Another easy hack on baked Mac & Cheese without firing up the oven.  Prepare your mac'n cheese like normal in boiled water.  When done, just sprinkle breadcrumbs and  a little more cheese on top, give her a quick torch to brown, and you are all set.

Yellow Jacket Dogs - The Ultimate Hotdog Hack - If your kids are begging for grilled hotdogs and you don't have time to fire up the grill, this one's for you!  Heat up a few hotdogs in the kitchen, however you see fit...  a minute in the microwave works great.  When the center of the hotdogs are warm, throw them on a glass plate, fire up your Yellow Jacket Torch, and put a quick sear on them.  Be prepared to make more, because 9 out of 10 kids are crazy about Yellow Jacket Dogs! 

Torched Cheese Sandwich or Quesadillas - Will be gobbled up in no time...  make toast in the toaster (or just straight up torch a tortilla) and apply cheese after its done.  Melt the cheese with the torch and you just made an easy and delicious treat for your little buddy....  or yourself.  Pro tip - add some turkey, ham, or pre-cooked bacon and torch it too for a little protein boost.  

Hopefully, this blog opened your mind to some new possibilities in the kitchen and we would love to hear and see what creations you can come up with using a JJGeorge Yellow Jacket Culinary Torch!  Leave us a comment below or send us an email of your torch in action to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.