High Temp Replacement Gasket (Large/Medium Egg)

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Is your original gasket worn out or melted from a high temp cook?  Our high temperature replacement gasket will solve your problem.  Made out of Nomex gray felt this gasket has a self adhesive strip that allows you to easily replace your original gasket and the seal that it provides is much better that polyester felt or wool.  Easy installation instructions are included with all gaskets and removing your original gasket will be the hardest part.  Make sure to scrape away all of the remnants of the old gasket and clean well with alcohol before applying the new one.  Nomex is made to be used at high temperatures and will out last the OEM wool or polyester felt that originally came with your Kamado Grill.  The gasket for the Large/Medium Big Green Egg or Classic Kamado Joe comes with over twelve and a half feet of Nomex which is more than enough to cover the upper and lower seal of your ceramic grill.  The gasket is 7/8" wide.