JJGeorge Universal Table Nest / Heavy Duty Trivet

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If you are looking for a safe and stylish way to buffer the heat between your Kamado Grill and JJGeorge table then we have the perfect solution!  The JJGeorge Universal Grill Table Nest is the first and only table nest that is made for every single ceramic grill on the market with a flat base.  Also, if you are having a crawfish boil, need a place to set your hot cast iron, or if your are just in need of a really heavy duty trivet....  We've got you covered!  Designed with the help of NASA engineers (it's nice to have friends that are rocket scientists!!) The JJGeorge table nest is engineered to dissipate as much heat a 14" thick piece of concrete!  Our nest is made in Decatur, Alabama USA out of solid steel and powder coated for years of outdoor use.  To protect your table and to keep your kamado from sliding, the feet of the nest are coated in rubber.  So, if you need a sturdy home for your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Vision, or any other ceramic grill, look no further than the JJGeorge Universal Grill Table Nest / Heavy Duty Trivet.