Posted by JJ on 28th May 2024

The 6 All-Important Reasons you need to put your Big Green Egg in a Table

Warning!  Graphic image below!  Viewer discretion is advised!  

Spending quality time with your Big Green Egg is a magical experience.

Take these 6 steps to ensure that your "smoking hot" companion is safe from danger and is looking its best.

1. Stability and Protection - Is your Big Green Egg in a top heavy metal rolling nest?  

A metal rolling nest combined with an uneven surface, high wind, or even a crack in your patio can have disastrous results!   

A sturdy JJGeorge table eliminates the risk of turning over because it's wide base distributes the weight of your grill much more evenly. Also, weighing in at 100-130 lbs these beefy tables are sturdy on their own.  Which protects your Egg much better from rollovers.

2. Give Yourself Space! - Are your side mates, patio tables, and cooler tops packed with meat trays, cutting boards, rubs, aluminum foil, and grill utensils?

A JJGeorge table gives you tons of room to place everything you need to crush your next masterpiece on the Big Green Egg!  Furthermore, the shelf of the table allows ample space to store large Egg accessories, such as grill grates, convectors, and charcoal.

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3. Look Good and Eat Good -  Don't hide your Big Green Egg in a dusty corner of your patio... You've already invested in the greatest grill on the planet, now showcase it properly to friends and family with a beautiful JJGeorge Table hand-made out of Eastern Red Cedar in Ala-freakin-Bama! 

4. JJGeorge Tables Lasts Longer - 15 year table???  No Problem!  Being made out of Eastern Red Cedar, JJGeorge tables are truly built to last.  Other tables made from softer lumbers such as Acacia, Pine, and Cypress start out well, but as time ticks away, the screws sink into the soft wood and they start to wobble.  Red Cedar doesn't rot or wobble and is the best lumber to build a table for a grill hands down, whether it is 100lb grill or a 300lb plus grill!

5.Save Some Money! First off - If you are getting a new Egg, the rolling metal cart ($210) and wooden side mates ($150) are not cheap. This combo usually costs in the $360 range before tax, and that expense can be averted altogether.

6. Support the USA! - All JJGeorge tables are made right here in America (Greatest Country Ever!) We are based in Decatur, Alabama and ship our tables fast and free all over the continental US...  Hawaii, Alaska, & Canadians, please call us and we will ship to you guys for a little bit extra.

In conclusion, a JJGeorge Table is more than just an accessory for your Big Green Egg.  It's a valuable investment in stability, space, aesthetics, and durability. Plus, with the added benefit of supporting American craftsmanship, you can feel good about your purchase. Say goodbye to the frustrations of flimsy rolling nests and limited space, and say hello to a stylish, long-lasting, and functional grilling setup with JJGeorge. Enhance your grilling experience and show off your Big Green Egg with pride.

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-Team JJGeorge

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